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Abhi Mehta and Doug Cutting Hadoop World 2011 theCUBE


blog-details-eye-slashNov 3, 2011



Abhishek Mehta (Founder, Tresata), along with Doug Cutting (Founder of Hadoop) have a freewheeling conversation with SATV’s “theCUBE” hosts – John Furrier & Dave Vellante – on the sidelines of Hadoop World 2011, NYC, in this segment.

Abhishek starts by talking about what has changed in the past 1 year for him at a personal level, as well as in the business scenario, per se. Further, he encourages other startup’s in the ecosystem by explaining to them that there are many opportunities to explore.

Doug Cutting also shares his views on the industry, open source and what has changed for him personally. Both Doug and Abhishek then express what surprised them about the Hadoop landscape in the past 1 year.

Doug goes on to mention that there is productive collaboration between Apache & Hadoop users. Abhishek also shares his thoughts on the topic of how one good idea can change the world by giving Tresata’s own example.

Doug then gives his view on how the “Hadoop World” event would look like in 5 years, apart from also talking about the latest project that he is working on. The session concludes with Abhishek outlining  Tresata’s growth strategy.