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Abhishek Mehta – Big Data SV 2014


blog-details-eye-slashFeb 12, 2014



In a free-flowing conversation with John Furrier & Jeff Kelly from SiliconANGLE TV’s “theCUBE” at the BigData Summit at Santa Clara , Abhishek Mehta (Founder, Tresata) discusses his take on the current Big Data market. He talks about Data Factories and the concept of monetising data, apart from giving his views on the existing set of Start-up’s.

He also mentions how Tresata does the difficult task of speaking the language of business, while simultaneously integrating the science and the tech into it. He then switches gears to talk about Spark and what it enables, followed by where the blind spots are for the people doing Analytics.

Abhishek concludes this segment by saying that we are in the middle of the Second Industrial Revolution, driven by a tectonic shift in consumer behavior, which is forcing every enterprise to rethink its  business model.