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Charlotte tech giant Tresata aims to stay ahead of AI curve with launch of latest platform


blog-details-userSymone Graham - Staff Writer (Charlotte Business Journal)

blog-details-eye-slashSep 29, 2023


Charlotte’s Tresata Inc. has launched a new artificial intelligence platform to help companies fully leverage the power of that rapidly evolving technology.

The data analytics company’s technology has integrated machine learning and AI since its inception over a decade ago. But with this new AI wave, Tresata has refreshed how it uses the tool. Its new platform launched Sept. 1. Its technology, which is powered by AI, uses a software-as-a-service model to create data products for companies’ artificial intelligence needs.

Shifting to the SaaS model was key for Tresata. The new platform will shorten data development times, maximize efficiency of the company’s software and increase its accuracy for AI. That aligns with Tresata’s theme for the platform — “for AI by AI,” which was outlined in a company blog post earlier this month.

“Two years ago, we started down this fairly interesting research and development project to completely transform how we deliver our software to not just the biggest companies, which is what we’ve done the first 10 years, but we kind of changed our ambition to every company in the world,” Tresata CEO Abhishek Mehta told CBJ in a recent interview.

The platform has three key advantages, with the first being its completely self-serve. Brittany Box, chief commercial officer at Tresata, said any individual or company can sign up at the website to create trustworthy data products for AI, whether it be for generative use or other purposes. There’s no cost for signing up to use the software, which is a big shift for the company. The third benefit is the platform has built-in datasets, which speed up the data creation process for AI.

“Sometimes it becomes important to reinvent yourself,” Mehta said. “This is our reinvention.”

He said Tresata wanted to become a software company for individuals and corporations of all sizes, not just the Fortune 500 businesses that it had catered to previously. Additionally, provides for a more productive workforce and offers data that users can trust, which has been a big concern for the technology.

“You want everybody in the world to benefit from AI,” Mehta said. “And that was a primary driver to reinvent the software.”

He also highlighted Charlotte, saying the city has the potential to become a hub for data and AI. Mehta said he has that same ambition for Tresata.

“So we hope that in this next phase of the AI revolution, Charlotte can also establish itself as a unique place for innovation around AI, not just for America but for the world,” he said.

Mehta founded Tresata in 2011. The firm quickly grew, becoming one of Charlotte’s few unicorns in 2018. A unicorn refers to a company valued at $1 billion or more.

Mehta said in the next two years, the company is also planning to invest millions of dollars into its local headquarters at 1616 Camden Road in South End.


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