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Day 2 Intro with Abhishek Mehta – Big DataSV 2015


blog-details-eye-slashDec 14, 2015



John Furrier & Jeff Kelly engage in a discussion with Abhishek Mehta (Founder, Tresata) on the sidelines of the Hadoop Summit at San Jose in 2015. Abhi starts by talking about the progress of Tresata in the past 1 year. He throws light on Tresata’s fundamental approach and how it differentiates Tresata from other players in the market.

He then proceeds to answer how customers can keep systems online at scale. He also airs his views on the key integration piece of new software with Legacy software. He agrees that organizations in the Hadoop ecosystem are facing pressure from customers to move things faster. He then dwells upon the Hits & Misses that startups in the Hadoop ecosystem faced. Towards the end, Abhishek gives his take on the concept of Machine Language (ML) as a competitive advantage for enterprises. His take – the competitive advantage is data and not code or ML.