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blog-details-userProduct Team Tresata

blog-details-eye-slashJun 30, 2021


One of the things we decided to do when we started the company 10 years ago was to find ways to solve problems that had not been solved before.

And we had a very obvious candidate for what the first thing we would try to solve for in the vast, vast world of data technologies.

And if you have been in the data world long enough, like a lot of us at Tresata, you will know exactly where our minds went, as yours probably would have too, given that without this problem solved – accurately, precisely and efficiently – the so called ‘data revolution’ we keep hearing about would be stillborn.

Yes, we are talking about the biggest challenge in data enrichment and integration, referred to in the industry with many a moniker – Entity Resolution, Matching, Customer 360 – just to name a few.

Not only did it excite us as probably THE BEST use of ML for the data industry – given the technical limitations that forced highly-manual implementations (due to the limitations of structured and sequential rules based systems) – it also was key to delivering our vision: treating every single customer as a unique SEGMENT OF ONE (a term we coined). In fact, our founder & CEO, Abhishek Mehta, was cited 10 years ago as popularising the idea that SEGMENTATION was dead… long live individuality.

We gave the world an early peek into our early solution in a talk Abhishek gave in 2012 titled – DECODING THE GREAT AMERICAN ZIP MYTH (Click to watch on Youtube). It’s worth a listen, especially because Hal Varian, who spoke right after Abhishek, asked for a copy of it after he listened to it (a true story).

So why did we choose to go after it? The real story behind it runs deeper (no ML pun intended). 

Our vision – in data lies the power to Enrich Life – is rooted in the assertion made at the start of this data-powered Industrial Revolution…that the WORLD’S SMARTEST BRAINS ARE ALL MAKING PEOPLE CLICK ON ADS. 

We took it upon ourselves to challenge that reality in 2 very specific ways:

  1. Use the same advances in technology (i.e. parallelism, unstructured, self-learning self-healing systems) utilized to upend the advertising industry to help traditional enterprises compete in the digital information age; AND
  2. Eliminate the dichotomy that, while humans were being treated so smartly by the FAANGs, other industries continued to bunch them all together on measures that simply don’t apply to the individuality of people.

Put another way, if technology is to be used for good, then let’s stop treating people the same simply based on where they live, what they are named, and how old they are.


If we all revel in our individuality, then let’s celebrate it in all its shades, colors, and forms. We all know no two people are alike, so let’s stop treating them like they are.

That was our inspiration to take on this challenge of gloriously burying segmentation (just like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google had already) and ushering in an era of SEGMENTS OF ONE for the rest of us.

How did we solve it? We created the World’s first fully automated RECORD LINKAGE system that allows companies to find and link records in any data set that refers to the same ENTITY across different data sources. 

A software system so advanced that it leverages advances in machine learning to process data at population scale, is self-learning and self-healing, never based on rules, and never trained on client data (simply processes it…and A LOT OF IT, at that). And does it all with incredible precision (6 sigma and higher), speed (100 times faster), and value (pennies per entity).

Tresata’s Record Enrichment Engine (TREE for short) is now in its 10th generation, has processed more than 100 trillion records, runs in real-time and batch, and is powering solutions at the World’s largest banks, retailers, manufacturers, airlines and health and hospitality corporations around the globe. 

All unified by that same, simple premise – that technology at its best, should and will solve for human challenges of massive proportions, and allow for a more equal, just, and free construct – for every industry, every product, every service and every human need.

P.S. In case you want more information on how TREE can help you be more égalité, please send us an email.