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hackathonCLT 7th annual data fest asks citizen technologists to build solutions to make Charlotte the “healthiest city in the world”


blog-details-userSherrell Dorsey

blog-details-eye-slashFeb 12, 2019


Charlotte, NC, February 12, 2019—Charlotte’s largest software company, Tresata, announced today its 7th annual hackathon, an event it has been hosting in the Queen City since 2013.  

This year, HackthonCLT MMXIX invites developers, students, the community and business leaders to spend 24 hours developing solutions to tackle yet another one of Charlotte’s toughest challenges – population health.

This innovative, bold, data-driven celebration of Charlotte’s tech community is scheduled to start on March 22, 2019 at Discovery Place Science in Uptown Charlotte.  

Participants will be encouraged to use the data carefully compiled for this year’s challenge and create valuable solutions that help solve for the challenge.  As an added bonus, they will be competing for over $30,000 in awards.

“What’s unique about hackathonCLT is that every year we challenge ourselves, our community, and leaders in our city to think differently about how to solve our most acute problems using data,” said Abhishek Mehta, CEO of Tresata and the creator of hackathonCLT. “We carry forward our theme from last year – making Charlotte a more inclusive, healthy, and economically mobile city – into this year’s hackathon by provoking local techies to become catalysts toward making Charlotte a healthier city for everyone.”

hackathonCLT MMXIX is expected to draw over 1,200 participants this year from across the country. Tresata and other sponsors invite the public to attend to watch the hackathoners at work and participate in other tech-driven experiences including interactive learning, data science, and AI-related activities on day two of the event.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older and winners will be selected during a public session starting on March 23 at 12:30 pm.

ABOUT hackathonCLT
hackathonCLT was created in 2013 by local software company, Tresata, in partnership with Harris Teeter. As the country’s first big data hackathon, the event was designed to spark ongoing conversations and opportunities in Charlotte’s growing technology scene. Registration information and sponsorship opportunities are available at

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