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Tresata launches HEALTHi – a COVID-19 Intelligence App to Help Citizens Make Better Health Decisions


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blog-details-eye-slashOct 21, 2020


HEALTHi will provide citizens intelligence to plan their lives while keeping themselves and their communities safe & health’i’

Tresata, the leading intelligence software company, launched its first consumer facing application earlier today – Tresata HEALTHi.

HEALTHi, a predictive personalized intelligence system, is available across all platforms, mobile & desktop, and was created to offer predictive health insights powered by publicly available data.

Given the current pandemic, HEALTHi has had an initial focus on COVID-19 – creating an intelligence application to help citizens make better decisions. 

The app displays the current risk of coronavirus spread in the user’s immediately surrounding area/s, based on a data provided by Johns Hopkins, US Census Bureau, US NBER< Country Health Rankings, Healthcare Locations, The Covid Tracking Project, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & amongst others.  The data is refreshed daily, providing the users of HEALTHi the most accurate and current results.

“Tresata hopes that HEALTHi becomes the first stop for citizens, schools, corporations, and communities to help make informed decisions that prioritize health above all else,” said Brittany Box, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

HEALTHi’s COVID-19 risk scores are calculated using a host of parameters and leverage Tresata’s unique intelligence software, deployed globally by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world to fight fraud, manage health outcomes, and personalize supply chains. 

About Tresata

Tresata is an Intelligence Software company, with a mission to help every company, community & citizen in the world use data to enrich life.  Tresata’s software powers some of the largest companies in the world as they work to keep their customers, employees and communities safe, secure and cared for.


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