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blog-details-eye-slashApr 20, 2016


“That’s what she said.” – Michael Scott

Whether it was your ‘cup of tea’ or not, there’s no denying that NBC’s mockumentary, The Office, was more successful than I think even the writers ever thought it would be.  The Office was unusual in the sense that the show was set in an actual office (I’m speculating here, but that could have something to do with the title) and brought people back to work after work while they were trying to unwind from work. Seems completely counterintuitive, no?  So what made this show so successful?

The characters’ development, their stories, and their interactions.

While the outputs of Dunder Mifflin and Tresata differ dramatically (and our software is vastly more interesting than literal paper…Dwight would debate me on this), the same holds true for us.  Our people- their personalities, diverse backgrounds of expertise, unique perspectives, and experiences- are not only what (or who, rather) makes us so successful, but also what makes it not feel like a chore to come into the office each day.

At Tresata, we take enormous pride in our ability to attract the brightest and boldest talent in the World.  What the team brings to the table collectively enables and inspires true innovation and a community built around education—sharing knowledge with our clients/market, each other, and future generations of rock stars in our community.  As Abhi always says, none of us is as smart as all of us (hence our love for open source)…Tresata’s ‘all’ is formidable, to say the least.

Tresata is not just an ambitious brand with inspired office space and killer swag (don’t act like you haven’t noticed).  It is not just a leading edge enterprise software company.  It is a group of exceptionally brilliant, passionate, quirky, and hard-working people aligned by and doing their damnedest to enact Tresata’s mission –to enrich peoples’ lives –and build the next billion-dollar software company along the way.

Like any company, we are the sum of our parts.  The members of our team define Tresata and what we are all about, so we think their stories are worth sharing.  The Tresata version of The Office is probably more of a blend of HBO’s Silicon Valley + The Office + the movie the Intern (the one with Anne Hathaway…not to be confused with the Internship with Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson, which was terrible) + Scandal.  Kidding about that last one.

The fact remains that bringing in camera crews to film our office daily is impractical and will most likely negatively impact productivity; thus, we are choosing to take it to the blog and tell each team member’s unique story via the Tresata Talent Series, aka Tresata…Unplugged.  

I hope you enjoy getting to know these characters as much as I have.



PS. Beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica.