Senior DevOps Engineer


time-iconBengaluru, India


A Senior DevOps Engineer (SDE), is responsible for working with the global  DevOps team, supporting the interna and external teams with solutions,  contributing in the technical architectures, driving the adoption of DevOps best practices, and participating in automation strategies to streamline the delivery process. 

As part of our global DevOps team, SDE will collaborate closely with development, operations, and other cross-functional teams to ensure the continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of high-quality technology solutions.

As a SDE, you will:

  • Lead a global team of DevOps specialists.
  • Design, implement, and manage the deployment pipelines and infrastructure for our product development projects.
  • Design and implement automation solutions for provisioning, configuring, and managing infrastructure using tools such as Ansible, Terraform, or Chef.
  • Build and enhance the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes.
  • Utilize AWS/Azure services to architect, deploy, and scale cloud-based components.
  • Implement security best practices and compliance standards within the DevOps pipeline, ensuring the security of sensitive data and adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Configure and maintain Kubernetes clusters for containerized applications.
  • Develop and maintain infrastructure-as-code (IaC) using tools like Terraform.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot production systems, ensuring high availability and performance.
  • Implement and manage container orchestration using tools like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Ensure compliance and implement secure infrastructure practices.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies related to DevOps, cloud computing, and containerization.
  • Mentor and provide guidance to junior DevOps engineers, promoting knowledge sharing and best practices.
  • Stay informed about updates and changes in the product to ensure the team is well-equipped to address user inquiries. 
  • Establish and enforce quality assurance measures, ensuring that client onboarding adheres to the highest standards.
  • Ad hoc general client support responsibilities 


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field (or equivalent experience).
  2. 7+ Years of relevant work experience as a DevOps Engineer or in a similar role.
  3. Strong knowledge and hands-on experience with AWS or Azure cloud platforms.
  4. Proficiency in containerization technologies like Docker and container orchestration with Kubernetes.
  5. Experience with infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform or CloudFormation.
  6. Solid understanding of CI/CD principles and experience with related tools such as Jenkins or GitLab.
  7. Strong scripting skills (e.g., Bash, Python, PowerShell) for automation and configuration management.
  8. Familiarity with monitoring and logging tools like Prometheus, Grafana, ELK stack, or similar.
  9. Knowledge of networking concepts and protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, SSL).
  10. Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  11. Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  12. Relevant certifications (e.g., AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Azure DevOps Engineer) would be a plus.


  • Working From: Bengaluru, IN
  • Travel: Moderate
  • Manager of Others: Yes
  • Physical Requirements: Prolonged sitting/standing and computer us

We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion (or creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.



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