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Tresata announces the availability of explAIn – an intelligence translation system to address evolving ethical & regulatory requirements for AI & Machine Learning


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blog-details-eye-slashJan 26, 2021


Tresata, an intelligence software company, announces today the release of its latest software product, explAIn, to meet emerging ethical and regulatory needs for AI-powered systems.

“The idea of explAIn came directly from our Clients, all of whom are committed to using AI & Machine Learning-powered software products we offer, but are wary of evolving regulation centered on being able to better describe what these systems were doing,” said Koert Kuipers, Chief Technology Officer at Tresata.

With the release of explAIn, Tresata customers will maintain the ability to use its AI-powered software products that help fight crime, prevent money laundering and recommend optimal product & service offerings, while ensuring that the logic, reasoning & intelligence ‘built in’ satisfies ethical, social, regulatory & legal requirements – namely with regards to traceability.

explAIn will be delivered as a cloud-neutral product, designed to run in all major cloud ecosystems and will allow for the delivery of advanced features that include full audit logging, input to output mapping, and record linkage integration.  The software is also offered as an API that allows for it to be integrated with any other AI system deployed in the cloud.

Tresata will begin offering explAIn as an ‘add-on’ software product, compatible with all existing Tresata software solutions immediately. 

About Tresata

Tresata is an Intelligence Software company, with a mission to help every company, community & citizen in the world use data to enrich life.  Tresata’s software powers some of the largest companies in the world as they work to keep their customers, employees and communities safe, secure and cared for.


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