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Spark Panel with Ben Lorica (O’Reilly Media)


blog-details-eye-slashFeb 10, 2016



Ben Lorica from O’Reilly Media moderates a panel discussion as part of the “Spark Summit East” event. The topic of discussion centers around Spark – its past, present and future. The panel comprises Martin Van Ryswyk (Datastax), George Mathew (Alteryx), Abhishek Mehta (Tresata) and Patrick Wendell (Databricks).

The panel starts its discussion with questions on the usage and users of Spark. Abhishek gives the financial industry perspective on that. He also informs the audience that the entire pipeline at Tresata, right from Ingestion up to entity-resolution, runs on Spark. He proceeds by predicting that all advanced analytical operations would be built on Spark, going forward.

The discussion concludes with all panelists, including Abhishek, giving their take on where they would like to see Spark in the near-term future.