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Strata Summit 2011 – Abhishek Mehta: Big Data in Banking


blog-details-eye-slashFeb 3, 2011



Abhishek Mehta (Founder, Tresata) moderates a panel discussion at the Strata Summit held in 2011 at New York. The panelists include Roy Lawrence (NYU), Richie Prager (BlackRock) and Allen Weinberg (McKinsey). He starts by asking Richie how the constraints that are on the financial system (Regulatory, effects of democratization of technology, etc.) would change the business models that fundamentally transform the industry.

He then moves on to Allen to ask whether the transformation of business models in the finance industry would require a new ecosystem. Abhishek continues by asking Roy about where the pockets of opportunities are emerging. He also asks Roy’s thoughts on the possibility of financial organizations embracing Cloud technology to mine data and leverage upon it.

Abhishek then asks everyone’s  view on why concepts like “segment of one” still continue to remain an issue-to-be-solved. He then proceeds to get their opinion on the pervasiveness of Data Analytics in the financial services sector and whether it would be a competitive edge to the players in the industry.

He concludes the session by asking Allen’s take, on the gaps that need to be plugged in the financial services sector.