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blog-details-userAbhishek Mehta

blog-details-eye-slashMay 4, 2021


There is a certain significance to turning TEN I am told – outside of the fact that ‘10’ is a number of great significance in sports, life, technology, and now Tresata.

We completed 10 years in business earlier this month… and as I sat down to reflect on what these past ten years have taught me, I was overwhelmed… and immediately reminded of what Charlie Chaplin (one of my favorite human beings) said – “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

True to style, here’s my attempt at a ‘portrait mode’ of the last 10 years, in 3 shots:


When you do the right thing all the time, you do the right thing at the right time.  

Whether that is values, vision, priorities, financials, talent, clients – we have always believed in doing right… by others… always.  

At the cost of growth, economics, business, & even shareholder priorities, we believe if we make the right decisions all the time, we will make them when the time comes for us to really take the right call.  

As I can be heard saying often – it’s never tough if you talk about the right stuff…


Irrespective of gender, race, income, color or community, if there’s one thing I have learnt, (especially over the last 10 years) it is – who you are & what you build must be representative of the environment that wombs you.  

And the last we looked, the world around us isn’t braggadociously monochrome, and companies shouldn’t be either.

But it takes work to be equal – in thought, in action, and in words. 

And I am proud to say we have worked really hard on this one.  

And the resultant company we have managed to build brings me the most joy & satisfaction. 

At Tresata, we are, have been, and always will be equal.


When we started to sketch out the architecture for our data automation system 10 years ago and looked at it, we realised that in that architecture lay the blueprint for 21st century data & analytics systems. 

And the resultant business model we built around it – as a service + at scale + pay for performance – has shown enough promise these last 10 years for us to posit that, as a company, we have the blueprint for what a 21st century enterprise technology company should look like.

The tricky part, when you are a ‘category creator’ (especially in a $4 trillion market), is to continuously stick to a message you know may be hard for the market to fully comprehend today, but will prove to be prescient in the (near) future. 

We live to make that vision a reality – to ensure every company, big, small, local, national, international, B2B, B2C, has equal, affordable & universal access to automated systems that make their data usable. 

So they, in turn, can innovate, transform & invent products & services that always enrich life!

Tough, Equal, New… THREE words, TEN years & ONE billion reasons why you can bet on us being there for you for the next 100!!

PS: I am incredibly, personally, graciously & humbly thankful for the many supporters, champions, advisors, amplifiers, savants, (and most importantly) awesomely wonderful customers who really get all the credit for us turning 10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.