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Tresata Awarded Charlotte Works Incumbent Worker Development Grant for Professional Development



blog-details-eye-slashSep 16, 2014


Charlotte, NC

Tresata was awarded a Charlotte Works Incumbent Worker Development Grant (IWDG) in May 2014 for professional occupational training as a result of a competitive application process. This is part of a larger effort to drive the development of a globally competitive workforce in Charlotte, the IWDG offers grants funding to equip employees with applicable workplace skills.

The $18,000 grant will fund Project Management CertificationÒ for three full-time Tresata employees.  Tresata will contribute an additional $8,000 towards the program. The certification, facilitated by UNCC professors, begins in October and will equate to a total of almost 300 hours of continuing education for the Tresata employee.

“Our people are our most valuable asset and we are proud to invest the time, resources and funds necessary to help them succeed in their careers,” said Tresata’s Director of Internal Operations Brittany Box. “The IWDG will not only contribute to each individual’s personal growth but to the company’s strategic priorities as well.”

Company-supported professional development is an integral part of Tresata’s world-class employee benefits package. To learn more about careers at Tresata, visit:


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