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Tresata Partners with OpenCorporates in the Fight Against Financial Crime



blog-details-eye-slashNov 30, 2021


Tresata’s AI platform integrates global company data from OpenCorporates to expose bad actors and actualize potential nth degree party risk.

November 30, 2021 Tresata and OpenCorporates announced today a global partnership that will transform the way white-collar crime experts, financial institutions, investigative journalists, risk and compliance leaders, and citizens at large combat financial crime. This partnership will help improve corporate transparency, tackle corruption and criminality, and prevent bad actors from continuing to exploit global financial systems—for the collective good of society.  

OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies in the world, contains information on more than 200 million legal entities and their officers in 140 jurisdictions—all from primary official sources and with data provenance, providing a line of sight back to those official sources. OpenCorporates’ data enriches the fraud data asset underlying Tresata’s free AI-powered service, Bad Actor Discovery as a Service (BADaaS). BADaaS enables users to search for sanctioned bad actors and discover obvious and non-obvious links to their associates at absolute scale—across trillions of data points, billions of connections, and millions of entities.   

Broadly speaking, Tresata functions as a digital business engineTM that first makes data usable for businesses and then helps them to understand behaviors—both good and bad—for all unique entities (i.e., people, processes, and products) connected to their organization. Leveraging core expertise in AI (namely, record linkage and applied network theory), Tresata software can be applied to a wealth of use cases for the Fortune 500 across multiple industries, all centered around data.

BADaaS serves as a demonstration of Tresata’s applied network theory system, which correlates relationships across vast datasets, thereby enabling users to identify non-sanctioned individuals with links to known bad actors and explore these connections by name, address, or business entity. This network view of ‘risky behavior’ is not rules-based or reliant on explicit attributes and is designed to empower users to investigate and expose the hidden tracks that enable bad actors to elude detection, reveal their networks, and identify potential persons of interest.

“In a world where companies are under increasing pressure to know who they’re doing business with, we are proud to see Tresata adopting OpenCorporates’ transparent company data to power their platform and create a more trusted business environment,” said Sarah Arana-Morton, CEO of OpenCorporates.

“This partnership is not solely about mapping the vast networks of dirty money. It is about helping to end the true human misery that this dark economy funds,” said Abhishek Mehta, Chairman and CEO of Tresata. “With the addition of OpenCorporates data, BADaaS is further contextualizing and enriching our understanding of bad behavior as it evolves. Combining data with AI to actualize these networks is essential for creating more trusted environments—for business and as a global society.”

More information about Bad Actor Discovery as a Service can be found here.