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VISION: beautiful data (and a picture) is worth a thousand words


blog-details-userAbhishek Mehta

blog-details-eye-slashJul 20, 2013


we have had a lot of our friends, colleagues and clients in the industry ask us about the magnificent images on our website…and if they mean anything…

at this point, they know us well…and as most of them would have already guessed…not only are all images thematic…each of them signify something inherently mathematical, algorithmic and beautifully complex…

when we were sitting with our designer on deciding a visual theme and energy for our new website, she came up with the brilliant idea to pick fractals as that visual representation.  not only do they represent and communicate our love of math, models and maps…they are hypnotic in their beauty, structure and intuitive recursion.

fractals are incredibly well documented and researched and are as common in nature as they are in art.  there many applications in technology, business and academics are legendary and are wonderfully illustrated in the video.

so there you have it…we hope you enjoy the beauty of the visuals and have some time to spot the self-similarity…and while you are at it…remember that what they represent is the incredible work we do to bring you software that uncovers naturally occurring patterns in customer behavior…even if they are not self-evident!