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VISION: Go for the Gold – Using Big Data to Predict Olympic Wins


blog-details-userBrittany Box

blog-details-eye-slashFeb 18, 2014


In case you’ve caught Olympic fever along with the rest of the world, and are impatient for the overall medal results in Sochi, we’ve got the predicted outcome thanks to a little big data analysis.

Spoiler alert: USA dominates.

Dan and Tim Graettinger, two brothers with a penchant for side projects and a whole lot of patience (or free time), spent four years collecting data by country, including historical medal wins, geographic size, GDP per capita, value of exports, and capital city’s latitude to determine which factors might end in a win.

You can see the full story and their predictions in Fast Company.

You can also view the current standings by country here and see if Dan and Tim’s predictions are on track. As of Monday night, Feb. 17, they’re not too far off.