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VISION: intern update – meet nikita


blog-details-userBrittany Box

blog-details-eye-slashJul 29, 2014


Here at Tresata we’re pretty positive we’ve got the best interns around. Tresata interns may be temporary, but they’re a part of our team and we work them accordingly. They get their hands dirty with live real-world projects and work side-by-side with our permanent team members. Our “Intern Update” series will introduce you to this ambitious bunch and what they’ve been working on this summer…

Name: Nikita
School: Cannon School
Year: Senior

What motivated you to intern at Tresata this summer?

What motivated me the most to come do an internship at Tresata was how much Abhi talked about the company and Big Data; my dad and he insisted that I come so of course I had to. I am very interested in technology and more recently, Big Data!

Tell us which projects you’ve been working on…

Over the span of my first three weeks I have mainly been working on R projects. I was told R isn’t a common programming language at Tresata so everyone would be learning something new from my final presentation. I found R to be very fun and interesting actually and am glad I chose that to be my final project. Besides learning R I so far have done a lot of learning and exploring with Tableau, Weka, and all the market research work (which even though wasn’t techy I still enjoyed). And next week I will be working with the product team, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

What technologies are you using in your work?

On the computer I have been using RStudio to do all my R projects and Google Drive to create many reports and spreadsheets for different research topics. I also did some basic work in the Terminal my first week. I really appreciate the experience I’m getting from this internship. I’ve never done any work like this before so it’s all new to me.

Beyond the work, what’s your favorite thing about this internship?

I love the environment of Tresata’s workplace and it has really equipped me and given me something to look forward to when I get a job in the future. I am also very impressed by the core work everyone does in the office. I had no idea data could be looked at or evaluated in that many ways or that specifically.

Do you think this internship was a valuable learning experience? How has it equipped you for further study/work?

This internship is a very valuable learning experience for me; more specifically it has given me insight on what real computer science(which I have not yet taken a course in) is like; if I started out unsure about how much I wanted to pursue it, I know now I most definitely want to. Overall it has been great and I’m looking forward to my next two weeks!

On a scale of 1-10, how much have your ping pong skills improved?

As for the ping pong skills, on a scale of 1 to 10 my skills have improved 0 because Alex, Arun, Marc and Matt always hogged the ping pong table, but it’s okay I’ve never been any good at ping pong anyways.. hahaha.