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VISION: Intern Update – Meet Srini



blog-details-eye-slashAug 25, 2015


When it comes to interns, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to find some of the best and brightest from around the world. Although they are temporary, they become a part of the epic story of Tresata and make lasting impressions in their own unique ways. Our “Intern Update” series introduces these characters and recaps a bit of what they’ve been up to this summer…

Name: Srinivasan Nambi

School: UNC Charlotte Master’s Program

Year: Winter 2015

What motivated you to work at Tresata this summer?

“Opportunity knocks on our door only once.” This is something that I truly believe. Tresata’s Internship is one such opportunity that came to me this summer. Little did I know before coming here that this Internship would be such a great learning experience in my career. I wanted to learn something new in my internship and the cutting-edge technologies used by Tresata made them an obvious choice to pursue.

 What has been your main project/focus this summer? What technologies are you using in your work?

There were 7 interns total this summer working on different projects.  I would like to thank everyone at Tresata, especially Jainin and Brittany, who made me comfortable with the working environment during the first week. We had a good course on basics of Linux, bash scripting, Git and JavaScript fundamentals in the first week. We also were trained in advanced JavaScript technologies that we would be using for developing an application during the second week of the program. I was always a fan of Relational databases, but learning Mongo DB (which is a NoSQL database) was a different experience and it interested me a lot.

Vinoth, Michael Deng, (the other interns in my team) and I worked as a team on our project. We were excited as the project started almost right away (in the third week of the internship). It was exciting to work on a agile product team and see new features being added to our application each week. We developed a plan for the work and divided it amongst ourselves. I was really slow in the first two weeks, as we couldn’t complete the tasks that we had planned to deliver. After working together for two weeks, our team had a clear idea on what we were doing and had a better understanding of how to make sure we were getting done what needed to be done by the end of each day. We learned coordination, how to plan and work together as a team with a common goal.  We also learned how to get beyond impediments to progress. I should mention here that the technical support that we received from Jayesh (the Director of the Product team and our mentor) was a huge help. He had answers for all the questions that we had and helped us realize the importance of effective delegation and communication. Constant feedback sessions really helped us improve and avoid silly, future mistakes..

Having previously worked in an industrial setting using only Microsoft technologies, I realized the freedom and power of open source technologies provide developers.

Some of the technologies that I learned over my time included Angularjs, Node JS and Mongo DB.

Besides your projects, what has been your favorite part of your internship this summer?

Some of the best experiences that you get at Tresata is the Lunch and Learn on Fridays. Lunch and learns are weekly presentations given by one of the Tresata employees every Friday afternoon and lunch is catered by the company. Even as interns, we had our chance to present the project that we developed during the course of the internship. I thought this was very cool that we were able to do this an interns.  I’d bet very few get that opportunity during internship. My personal favourite sessions were the Lunch & Learn with Abhi where I got to know more about Tresata as a company and what they do and also the session with Jainin and Richard presenting about their recent pilot with a retail client.

Here is what I came up while trying to summarize my experience.



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As a Masters student in Computer Science and with the skills that I had developed in these 8 weeks, I feel confident to take more opportunities that come in my way. I would like to thank everyone at Tresata for providing me a great learning platform.

Writer’s update: Srini will be joining the Tresata team again this Fall as a part of our co-op program. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with him.