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VISION: Intern update – Meet Yucheng



blog-details-eye-slashAug 31, 2015


When it comes to interns, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to find some of the best and brightest from around the world. Although they are temporary, they become a part of the epic story of Tresata and make lasting impressions in their own unique ways. Our “Intern Update” series introduces these characters and recaps a bit of what they’ve been up to this summer…

Name: Yucheng Lu

School: NYU Data Science Master’s Program

Year: May 2016

What motivated you to work at Tresata this summer?

The opportunity to learn the up-to-date technologies in Spark and Hadoop.

 What was your main project/focus this summer? 

I focused on several projects this summer, the major part may be some development work on Spark, like implementing SkewJoin in Spark, which is very efficient for joining two skewed datasets.

What technologies did you use in your work?

Scala, Spark, Scalding, Machine Learning

Besides your projects, what was your favorite part of your internship this summer?

My favorite part has been watching and playing video games with the guys in NY office!

Do you think this internship was a valuable learning experience? How has it equipped you for future work/study?

Yes. This internship lets me have a taste of how real development work in industry is and will help me become a Spark developer.

How would you summarize your time here?

This was a fantastic summer for me. I learned a lot from Koert, he is a very nice boss! He taught me a lot about how to do development work and gave me a lot of advice.  It was a great pleasure for me to work with him. I really enjoyed working here at Tresata.

Anything you want to share with the team that you learned in your experience?

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.