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VISION: tresata – by the ‘numb3r’


blog-details-userAbhishek Mehta

blog-details-eye-slashJun 25, 2013


our life is increasingly run by the numbers around us…and i am not going to elaborate why…enough tomes have been written about it at this point

what I did want to share is how much of an inspiration ‘numerical values described in digits’ were in the naming of our company.

tresata (pronounced tree-say-ta), as a lot of you have already asked me, owes its origins as a sanskrit word ‘trisut’ (with ‘sut’ pronounced as ‘but’), the word for 300.

why the ‘sanskrit’ meme and 300 infatuation…let me explain:

deep – ties and links to one of the oldest and deepest cultural and lingua franca, that some have called the most scientific language (if there is such a thing)

scientific – 300 is a very interesting number…as most of you already know.  for those who do not, it is a triangular number, sum of a pair of twin primes (you can figure out which two), sum of ten consecutive primes (this i will tell you – 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41 + 43 + 47) and a harshad number

sparta’n’ – of course, the name given to the spartans who fought (and died in) the battle of thermopylae.  although research reveals that 2 of them were sent away prior to the battle and survived.  but 298 would make for a really odd company name (on second thoughts…maybe not)

sporty – the perfect score in bowling.  is bowling a sport?  for the doubters, there is kingpin

trivial – the maximum legal velocity of a shot paintball is 300ft/sec.  and if i offended you by calling paintball trivial, come color me!

biological – guess the number of bones humans are born with? yes, an adult ends up with 206 bones, but that is only because bones fuse together naturally as babies grow older (of course you knew that)

(not) diabolical – according to thibaut of langres, 300 signifies the victory of good over evil.  I will take that!

prime – 2, 3 & 5 …prime factors of 300 (2x2x3x5x5)

(not so) prime – the lowest possible FICO score…ouch!

magical – .300 is considered the magical baseball batting average, and mickey mantles biggest regret!

geographical – the hill of tara in ireland had 300 oak posts surrounding the hill

practical – a name that is easy to remember, catchy, the founders agree on and has an available domain address…and you have a winner!

almost everyone has a real, superstitious, spiritual or zany association with a number (or numbers).  we have ours.  share with us what yours is…if it is 300, even better!

the trade we ply (big data) is about large numbers (very large numbers), the tech is all about 2 (0 & 1…check out our logo…closely), and our company (as you just found out) about one very special number…and if it was not special…i think we just made it one!

follow us everywhere (check out the usual at the bottom of our web page), call us if you want to talk or get involved (as a partner, client or team member)…we make solving problems our business!

team tresata