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Abhishek Mehta – Hadoop Summit 2014


blog-details-eye-slashJun 4, 2014



Abhishek Mehta (Founder, Tresata) talks to John Fourier and Jeff Kelly from SiliconANGLE TV’s flagship program – “theCUBE”, at the Hadoop Summit held in 2014.   

Abhishek starts by giving an overview of what’s happening in the Big Data market. He then answers few audience-queries like the issues holding up Hadoop implementation. He also gives his thoughts on change-management in traditional companies to help them adapt to newer technologies around. 

He then proceeds to answer questions about challenges and opportunities for both- Legacy Companies transitioning to newer technologies as well as brand new companies introducing new technologies in the market.

Abhishek continues further by mentioning what challenges he faces as an entrepreneur in a start-up and how he overcomes them. He also gives his take on the thought process of entrepreneurs getting into the Big Data space, apart from commenting on how start-up’s, growing companies and companies that have gone public, can succeed and avoid pitfalls.

Abhi signs off by identifying 2 major trends in the Big Data ecosystem – realistic valuation of start-up’s in this space and IT budgets of large corporates being replaced by scalable and economical technologies.