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One simple system to deliver trusted data products for all your business wants to do with AI, with an even simpler pricing model.

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How Does Tresata Pricing Work?


Pay As You Go

Tresata charges you only for the compute you use to use our product. Part of our “only pay for what you use” guarantee.


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Tresata pricing is based on your compute usage (measured in TTUs). Storage, networking, and related costs will vary depending on the services you choose and your cloud service provider

A Tresata Tolkien Unit (TTU) is a standardized unit of compute power used for measurement and pricing purposes. A TTU is a flat fee of $0.50 per TTU, no matter the number of users or tier.

By default, you will be billed monthly based on per second usage on your credit card. Contact us for more billing options, such as billing by invoice or an annual plan.

Tresata is currently available for AWS and Azure.

Yes! Tresata connects to your existing data lake and pipes in data collected from your sources. You don’t have to worry about the ETL or maintaining the data pipeline.

No, you are responsible for the accounts for the data sources you select to use and Cloud Providers, whether they are paid or free.

Tresata Community is a free resource that provides access to technical documentation, Tresata gurus, and other supporting materials to enhance your product experience.