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blog-details-userAbhishek Mehta

blog-details-eye-slashAug 9, 2021


“The change from atoms to bits is irrevocable and irreversible”

– Nicholas Negroponte, Being Digital, 1995.

When Negroponte wrote what can only be called the most prescient of tomes for the world we live in today, few would have imagined how all-encompassing this shift to bits will be. 

Well, maybe Nicholas did!

Yet, as we sit in our varied and diverse WFH setups in this latter half of 2021, this shift to bits – “instantaneous and inexpensive transfer of electronic data” that “move at the speed of light”- for better or for worse, feels all too familiar.  

Personally and professionally.

All of it tells the story of a digital shift (a ‘bit’ being digital or virtual itself) that began in the late 1990s (with the rise of the internet), gathered pace in the 2010s (with the rise of data powered viral business models), and has moved to the forefront for businesses looking to thrive (or maybe even just survive) in this post-pandemic world.

When we started Tresata, our fundamental belief, the core of our very existence, was that data is the core asset for every organization. 

And we wanted to instrument this dramatic business shift – from analog to digital – for every company, every industry and every product in the world.

Build the tools for changemakers, to (in turn) build digital businesses.

You see, all digital businesses, (be it the FAANGs, Teslas, or even Disneys of the world) have one fundamental advantage – they are able to personalise products and services for billions of users with the many bits (of data) they collect, curate, and compute intelligence from.

But these digital natives have the anti-incumbency advantage – no technology debts, unlimited capital for innovation, and a seemingly endless supply of smart, hungry, and technology savvy talent.

For every other business, especially as we exit the pandemic (let’s hope), the pressures of finding talent, unleashing innovation, and leveraging advances in technology, while continuing to run and transition the business to being digital, have only compounded.

We at Tresata made our bet. 10 years ago. When we predicted this would happen. That data will become the most valuable enterprise asset to transform and redefine every market, industry, and service we knew and consumed. And that the same data will be key to being digital.

Delivering personal experiences isn’t possible without data – use every ‘bit’ produced at ever increasing speeds by humans, machines, and everything in between to hyper-personalise each and every product, service, and feature.

For the entire planet. At absolute scale.

This is what we’ve built, and is our promise to the world.

First, we let every company take every bit, and all bits, and link them together.

Making BITS usable.

Second, our software exposes the relevant connections inherent in those bits, to understand what your customers are doing and why. To help them do it better, cheaper, and faster so they can see an improvement in their lives. 

Making YOU viral.

Those two pieces constitute a Digital Business Engine – designed to collect, curate, and compute intelligence from ‘googol’ian bits at absolute scale (googol = 10 raised to the power of 100).

And we have proven its value across every major industry, at human and machine scale.

Our customers are starting to test the full power of what our software can help them achieve. And, we are seeing the early shoots emerge from these changemakers that will redefine not just their companies, but also the industries in which they play.

And to them, we say – we are ready for you…let’s boogie!

P.S. – had to share this excerpt from the book. Yes… this was written in 1995… so what are we waiting for:

“As we interconnect ourselves, many of the values of a nation-state will give way to those of both larger and smaller electronic communities. The information superhighway is about the global movement of weightless bits at the speed of light. As one industry after another looks at itself in the mirror and asks about its future in a digital world, that future is driven almost 100 percent by the ability of that company’s product or services to be rendered in digital form.”

To learn more about how Tresata’s Digital Business Engine can help transform your business, @ us at