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Data as a fuel : Transforming how we evaluate, measure + act on consumer behavior | #BigDataSV



blog-details-eye-slashFeb 18, 2014


Broadcasting from #BigDataSV last week in Santa Clara, California, John Furrier and Jeff Kelly, theCUBE co-hosts, continued their quest in talking to the best Big Data practitioners by interviewing Abhishek Mehta, the CEO of Tresata. He was asked to elaborate on the challenges of being an entrepreneur and to pinpoint the trends and the blindspots of the industry.

“There’s an interesting metric where people equate success to how much money you’ve raised. I equate success to how much money I’ve made. We’ve had an awesome year,” boasted Mehta. “The market has reached the point that you and Dave and I spoke about four years ago: data factories and their ability to monetize data in ways never possible before. However, the ability to do that depends on domain knowledge, science and technology coming together seamlessly. Big Data is a bigger ecosystem than Hadoop. The era of building and commercializing tools is behind us,” reckons Mehta.”Democratization and commoditization are two sides of the same coin. As Big Data technologies democratize, they will commoditize. The only way to extract value is going up the stack and finding problems to solve with Big Data.”

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