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Kickoff Day 1 Hadoop Summit 2015 – Abhishek Mehta


blog-details-eye-slashDec 13, 2015



John Furrier & George Gilbert from SiliconANGLE TV’s “theCUBE”, engage in a conversation with Abhishek Mehta (Founder, Tresata) on the sidelines of the Hadoop Summit at San Jose in 2015. Abhi starts by sharing his views on the state of Hadoop and Big Data ecosystems.

George then tells what “Systems of Intelligence” means and his outlook on the industry. Abhi follows this up with his views on Cloud and the challenges of integrating New software with Legacy software. Both – George & Abhi – then discuss their individual takes on how startup’s can compete and if not, is consolidation on the horizon in the ecosystem. Abhi also shares his views on how companies can use Open Source to their advantage, before commenting on what’s the revolutionary big play / push for start-up’s, in his opinion. He finally signs off by giving his view on whether Analytics is a product or process.