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In The Era of AI… The World Needs Good Data



blog-details-eye-slashSep 1, 2023


Some of the most incredible moments in history are the dawns of eras

And we are definitely at the dawn of one

One more powerful meaningful encompassing than any before it…


This era will influence, impact, and improve everything we know, do, and feel.

And we at Tresata have been preparing for this since our very start more than 10 years ago…

When we made the decision to use advances in machine intelligence to solve for what is key to making AI work – DATA.

In order to ensure that the advances AI makes are virtuous, human, and real, the data must be trustworthy.  Data must be good.

We, Tresata, have been at the forefront of giving the world good data.  And now more than ever,


And having worked side by side with hundreds of companies who used our software to transform their businesses, their products, & services using that asset…

… made it obvious that the 3 most important things essential to realizing the promise of AI –

    1. Usable DATA
    2. Access to the right kind of TALENT, and
    3. Abundant COMPUTE

are the very things inhibiting the vast majority of companies & individuals to benefit from AI.

But there is an answer to that challenge – DATA CENTRIC AI.

Data centric AI is the application of AI to the process of getting data ready for use by AI.

At Tresata, we applied that to the creation of software that, by (the use of) AI, helps speed up the creation of usable, trusted data products … that all engineers, analysts & associates can use to find data, collect data, & produce data for AI models.

Software that, by (applying) AI, will shorten development times, optimize compute, and increase accuracy for (systematically entering data into) AI.  This is what we mean when we say FOR AI BY AI.

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce to the world Tresata – the first software powered by (applying) AI to create data products for (availing) AI.

Built on a decade’s worth of development, deployment, & delivery of applied AI that allowed for the processing of trillions of records, across billions of datasets, from millions of systems, & hundreds of thousands of data sources.

And we are so proud of it, that the entire team decided to give it our own name – Tresata.

As GOOD DATA is key to producing ARTIFICIAL (but real) INTELLIGENCE that solves for the world’s greatest challenges.

Welcome to the ERA OF AI.

It is our honor and privilege to be your guide.

On behalf of the entire team at (& behind) Tresata… yours humbly

Abhishek Mehta | CEO |

P.S. – Tresata is immediately available as a service for anyone wanting to create good data for themselves… or the world!