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Richard Morris – Hadoop Summit 2014


blog-details-eye-slashJun 3, 2014



Richard Morris (Co-Founder, Tresata) has a freewheeling discussion with Jeff Kelly & John Furrier from SiliconANGLE TV’s “theCUBE” program, on the sidelines of the Hadoop Summit held in 2014, in this segment. Richard starts by discussing Tresata’s vision & the centrality of his role to that vision. Richard also discusses factors that are critical to build a company like Tresata – a company that  incorporates Data science, Domain expertise & Tech in its products.

Richard then expands on the importance of the role of a Chief Data Officer in any organization, after which he dwells on the best practices adopted by successful technical teams. He also gives his views on the competitive landscape for companies like Tresata, before delving into how Tresata uses Cloud in its offerings and moves, as a company, from one vertical to another, while delivering solutions to its customers.

He finally ends this segment by sharing his views on data as a programmable asset.